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How to Light a Loft in an Industrial Style

Every year the popularity of the industrial loft style only grows, and this is not surprising. The abundance of free space is very popular amongst young, creative people. But what exactly characterizes this popular style? Brick walls, open wiring, wooden beams, vintage pieces in combination with unique, modern details – these are all defining characteristics […]


LZF: The Subtle Art of Wood Veneers

Staying true to their roots, LZF lighting has been a stand out company since 1994. Based in Valencia, Spain, LZF specializes in hand-made wood veneer lighting, with their unique lamps bringing character to any space. Starting off as a relatively small company, LZF has managed to achieve major recognition in the design world, growing to become […]

VISO Lighting – Life is Light

When supporting local lighting brands, it’s important to know that you are putting your money towards good quality, sustainability and design. The objective is to be proud of what and who you represent when you use their product. With VISO Lighting you get just that. VISO works closely with architects and designers to present an […]

Kitchen Pendants: How To Pick The Perfect One

Trends come and go as the years go by, especially in the world of interior design. Over the years, pendant lighting has become a staple in the kitchen acting more than just a light source. With the vast number of fixtures available for different occasions and lighting tasks, kitchen pendant lights are being sought out […]

10 Things Your Contractor Will Not Tell You

Hiring the best top local contractor versus hiring someone with not-so-good credentials can make or break a home improvement project from the onset.  It is unfortunate, but there are some unethical contractors in the industry who only care about making a profit instead of the quality of their work.  To avoid this scenario, here are […]

How To Light A Modern Bathroom

When doing renovations, bathrooms are typically given the least consideration. Clients often neglect a space that is used very frequently by putting little thought into the design and function. What most people don’t consider is the lighting fixtures. They end up being either too small or too big in proportion to the wall, sink and/or mirror. In turn, picking […]

SLAMP: The Leading Light of 2017

What really defines a space when you first walk into it? Believe it or not it’s actually something that a number of people in spaces new or old tend to overlook. Something so essential is simply overlooked because it hangs right above you or stands in a corner. Lighting is the most essential element in […]

Top 10 LED Table Lamps of 2017

With the turn of the New Year, we can see that once again, minimalism still reigns. 2017 lighting trends remain committed to the idea of “the simpler, the better.” The main thing to remember, is that the lighting fixtures in a space do not only act as a light source, but also as an element […]

A Modern Twist on Traditional Clocks

Many of us live a lifestyle that is a continuous grind, one in which we’re constantly worried about beating the clock so much that we have one in every room of the house. Clocks are often a reminder that we’re always behind schedule! However, they offer so much more than simple functionality; clocks can serve […]