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Euroluce 2019: Top 10 Highlights

Milan’s annual Design Week never lets us down; our team has just returned from this year’s Euroluce 2019 international lighting exposition at Salone del Mobile, which showcased new collections and novelties from many of the top brand names in modern and contemporary lighting. We are very excited to show you our favorite collections that made their […]

4 Functional Lighting Considerations For Your Home

At first it may seem like lighting up your home in a functional way is actually a very simple and intuitive task. The truth is that functional lighting fixtures can be a lot harder to choose on your own – professional designers even regard this type of lighting as the “secret sauce” to make personal […]


7 Designer Lighting Fixtures to Set a Holiday Mood

With Christmas fast approaching, everyone is reflecting on their favourite holiday memories. From sharing seasonal recipes and decorating the house to family gatherings and gift giving – preparing for Christmas is as joyous an occasion as celebrating it. Our favourite aspect of Christmas is seeing all of our neighbours’ dazzling new fixtures and exterior stringing […]


Cerno Lighting: Combining Passion and Innovation

The spotlight now shines on Cerno, an industrial design and manufacturing company that effortlessly innovates modern LED lighting fixtures and furniture. Founded by Nick Sheridan, Dan Wacholder, and Bret Englander of nature-rich Laguna Beach in California, the values of Cerno is inevitably a product of their heritage. Cerno’s style can be characterized as an intersection […]

3 Easy Lighting Upgrades for Your Home

As the end of winter approaches, so does the feeling we get of being willingly confined to the cozy indoors. With the warmer weather and sweeter air inviting us to come out of hibernation, comes also the annual task of interior upgrades and reconfiguring the lighting in our homes to ensure maximum utility and aesthetics. […]

5 Lighting Design Trends to Stay in 2018

2017 has been a wonderful year for interior design. With maturing styles and new innovations to propel the existing concepts of lighting design above and beyond the concepts of the previous year, there is a lot to look forward to in 2018. To kick start this year’s interior design inspiration, here are a few lighting […]


How It’s Made: Sylcom Lighting

The Company: One of the greats in creating magnificent, intricate, and authentic lighting is Sylcom. Sylcom originated in Veneto of north-eastern Italy, a region famed for its canals, Gothic architecture, and Carnival celebrations. Whether you know them for their purely Venetian and purely unique Soffio collection, or their bright and elegant Scena collection, or even […]

5 Lighting Resolutions for 2018

New Years Day may have passed, and you evidently stumbled upon this article now. If we are to be honest, however, it is never really too early or too late to make resolutions – or to find new ways to accommodate our current resolutions – especially if those resolutions and/or accommodations are going to turn […]


Luxury Condo Lighting Trends in the 6ix

Over the last few years, the real estate market in Toronto has grown to be one of the hottest in North America. Accommodating the increasing demand in the real estate market, condo developers in the city have been accepting ample amounts of contracts that entail building a high-rise within blocks of one another. This task […]