Modern LED Task Lighting

How To Light A Modern Bathroom

When doing renovations, bathrooms are typically given the least consideration. Clients often neglect a space that is used very frequently by putting little thought into the design and function. What most people don't consider is the lighting…
SLAMP Aria and Avia Lamps by Zaha Hadid

SLAMP: The Leading Light of 2017

  What really defines a space when you first walk into it? Believe it or not it’s actually something that a number of people in spaces new or old tend to overlook. Something so essential is simply overlooked because it hangs right…

Top 10 LED Table Lamps of 2017

With the turn of the New Year, we can see that once again, minimalism still reigns. 2017 lighting trends remain committed to the idea of "the simpler, the better.” The main thing to remember, is that the lighting fixtures in a space do not…
vaulted cealings

Home trends that look great in magazines but are impractical

When decorating a home, style is definitely a top priority. Despite that, there are many trendy interior features that look great in photos, but in reality are a real pain in the behind. Take a look at this list to see the fads that are better…

A Modern Twist on Traditional Clocks

Many of us live a lifestyle that is a continuous grind, one in which we’re constantly worried about beating the clock so much that we have one in every room of the house. Clocks are often a reminder that we’re always behind schedule! However,…
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Wonderful Pendant Lighting Magnifies The Beauty Of A House

One of the important features of the pendant lights is its flexibility. Pendants can often be found in living room area, not so big foyers, cooking areas, washrooms and suites and it can match each space with equal easiness. Pendants are much…
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